Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How do we measure CMMI Compliance?

Our Company is growing organization having 500+ software developers and test engineers in the embedded and ASIC division. I am head of SEPG department and implement CMMi level 3. Currently, we are doing self appraisal.
I am looking for standard compliance matrix for CMMi level 2 and 3 process areas for my organization. If you do not mind, then kindly please send me the template for measuring CMMi Compliance Index. Also, please share the document / templates for AgileCMMi for all CMMi level 3 process areas.

Congratulations on performing your self appraisal. Let me ask you this, what are you using to "self-appraise?" This may be the only tool you need. There is no "standard compliance matrix" unless you consider the practices in the model to be one. The way to measure CMMI Compliance is to engage with an authorized SEI SCAMPI Lead Appraiser (either in your area or one that will travel to you) to conduct an objective SCAMPI Appraisal. SCAMPI is the method we use to evaluate CMMI performance and it does not include an standard forms or matrices - although it is a robust methodology.

As a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, it's my job to evaluate process performance across your organization against the required components of the model (the Goals) and the expected components (the Practices). For a self assessment you could do the same by opening the book and going through it practice by practice Have fun!

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